ABOUT  |  Beth Hawthorn

Beth Hawthorn is a potter currently living in Robert’s Creek, on the Sunshine Coast of BC, a short 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver. Her focus is on porcelain and black stoneware – minimal in style with a neutral colour palette. She creates small batches of functional pieces, including tableware and vases – typically wheel thrown. No two pieces are alike. 

Schooling and Experience

Beth spent her youth living in small BC towns, in addition to three years in the Philippines and eventually settled in North Vancouver. After graduating from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Arts, Beth lived and travelled abroad for two years. The first year consisted of living in the heart of Tokyo where she taught English to Japanese students and soaked in the Japanese love for craft, design and architecture. She then traveled through SE Asia, on to Australia and New Zealand and eventually returned home to start the next phase of her life pursuing the arts.

A Creative Venture

Since 1996, Beth has been self-employed working in the creative realm. She has been involved in creating products that include homewares using glass, wood and stainless steel, exhibiting and selling across the globe – NYC, San Francisco, Tokyo and London, England. In 2003, there was a shift to the administration realm, working with a team producing a broader spectrum of work, ranging from large architectural sculptures, public art, functional products, lighting, contemporary craft, exhibition design and curation, as well as brand envisioning and graphic design. 

A Move Out of the City 

In 2006, she moved along with her family from Vancouver to Robert’s Creek, as it was time to create a slower life in the country.  Travel is still important – in 2014 their family took a year long trip through SE Asia – Thailand, Malaysia, Bali, Cambodia and Laos.

Fast Forward

What once was a horse barn and stable on the ground floor of the main residence now holds the space for an intimate ceramic studio. In 2018 Beth started converting the space to a small ceramics studio and has since then been slowly refining and expanding the space. The most recent addition is an exterior 400 square foot covered deck, overlooking an expansive grass field and organic garden. The covered deck allows for outside events and gatherings over the warmer months.